The Battle of Perspectives

9 Apr

The grass is always greener on the other side, but is the view always clearer from the outside?

Perhaps not.

My reason is as simple as the photo. The division made between what is behind the glass panel and the girl is not one that you can turn a blind eye to. It’s as clear as the glass itself, that there is a separation.Put simply, the girl is an outsider unable to gain access to whatever is behind the glass panel.

I draw this parallel to an outsider trying to look into a place he doesn’t belong to and try to capture a shot. There will inevitably be this barrier that prevents him from taking a photo as good as someone who is inside, and whose views are unobstructed by the barrier of experiences and knowledge. You would also say that an outsider’s perspective is more often than not stereotypical as they are unaware of what actually is happening in that particular insider’s inside.

To further elaborate, what an outsider goes through may not always be what the insiders go through. An outsider always tries to present his or her point of view. When an insider takes a photo, he takes ones that truly depicts his life, his normal and everyday life. He will want to show to the world his true feelings, his community’s true feelings. Wherelse when an outsider takes a photo, he tries to take one that is new to him (on the surface). Thus, an insider’s point of view would most likely be biased. However, as a result of the insider’s bias point of view, insiders provide a new and deeper perspective that outsiders cannot tell at a glance. Thus, the view from an insiders point of view is clearer in a sense that they have a specific point of view they want to show to the public. Take the famous case of the vulture and child.


View to picture at:


This picture was taken by Kevin Carter, Pulitzer prize winner, a photographer. But, an outsider. Death from famine is not new in that place, but it is new to that photographer. That is why he chose to take a picture of the dying child rather than the food camp that was just 200 metres away. (Outsiders tend to take a perspective new to them.) Perhaps had he been an insider, he would have taken a picture of the camp. The camp is the insider’s hope to survive, and a photograph worth keeping – a reminder of the hope still present. And differing greatly from an outsider who just wants to portray the poverty the insider unceasingly faces, the insider would have photographed something much more normal to them, telling us how much they treasure certain items that the outsider does not think much of. They want to wake up to survive, not to die.

In essence, an insider is at a much better position to take a photograph given the experiences, the knowledge and even their biased opinions. But at the end of the day, someone will realise that to determine if the grass in a photo is greener on this side or that side really just depends on your camera – the angle and the exposure.

Done By: Anitha, Gladys, Shalleeni, Sreshya, Yurie



One Response to “The Battle of Perspectives”

  1. zimin98 April 10, 2013 at 1:39 am #

    1 Avengers:

    Synopsis and Design
    Provides hook: 3/4
    Good use of that grass analogy. However, the impression created by the title is not followed through and justified in the body paras. First two lines are very attention-grabbing.
    Provides synopsis: 2
    Glass analogy and photo is presented but not explained except in one paragraph, stand appears forced and repeated, opposing views not addressed.

    to be continued…

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